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Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP)


MVP Facilitators MVP Facilitators from the 2013 training cohort

Virginia Tech's MVP program is designed to educate, inspire, and empower men and women to utilize self-understanding,integrity, and courageous leadership to prevent, interrupt, and respond to sexist abuse in order to create a civil and just community.  The program is coordinated by the Women's Center and is affiliated with MVP National, a project of the National Consortium of Academics and Sports and the Northeastern University Center for Sport in Society.

Using a courageous leadership framework and bystander approach, workshop facilitators help participants think through the variety of options available to them when witnessing a potentially abusive interaction.  The workshops are based on interactive, small group discussions and use real-life scenarios that speak to the experiences of college students to help them think of ways to integrate bystander action into their lives.

Workshops are 90 minutes long and group size is kept to 20 participants in order to create a safe and meaningful learning environment for everyone.  For more information on the Virginia Tech MVP program, contact Katie Mey, Gender Based Violence Prevention Coordinator, at 540/231-2759 or

Comments from Virginia Tech MVP participants:

  • “I believe that this should be given to all college students” (student-athlete)
  • “It was good. I feel confident now standing up as a bystander” (student-athlete)
  •  “Excellent, everyone should take this course. Not everyone is aware of how harmful assault is to someone” (cadet)
  • “It really opened doors to thoughts that are easily ignored” (resident advisor)
  • “I would recommend it to everyone!” (student leader)
  • “It was incredible and so relevant to college life and relationships” (student leader)