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Equal Pay Day takes place each April, symbolizing how many days into the year that women have to work to earn the same amount that men earned as of December 31st the previous year. Today, women who work full-time earn, on average, 77 cents for every dollar that men earn. Compared with white men, African American women earn 67 cents on the dollar, and Hispanic women earn about 58 cents. One year out of college, women working full-time earn only 80% as much as their male colleagues earn, even when they have the same degree and the same job. Ten years after graduation, women fall further behind, earning only 69% as much as men earn. While the issues associated with the gender wage gap are complex, negotiation skills are identified as one key component to reducing the pay gap between men and women.

The $tart$mart campus initiative is a collaboration between the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and the WAGE Project, developed to empower college women and provide them with the tools to negotiate salaries and benefits as they approach the job market. $tart$mart campus salary negotiation workshops are three-hour, nuts-and-bolts trainings, designed to help college women obtain fair and realistic first salaries. Workshop participants engage in role-play exercises to gain concrete negotiation skills, learn about the personal consequences of the gender wage gap, learn how to benchmark reasonable salaries and benefits, and gain insight into their bottom line and how to budget.

$tart$mart workshops will be held in the spring.  Stay tuned!



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Announcements & Events:

  • Thursday, Sept. 1st, 5:30PM @ the Women's Center, Kids' Night Out drop-in childcare begins!  If you are an undergraduate or graduate student with children 2+, drop them with our amazing volunteers from Chi Delta Alpha!
  • Tuesday, Sept. 6th, 4-6PM @ the Women's Center, Open House & Meet-and-Greet with new staff
  • Tuesday, Sept. 20th, 7PM @ Fralin Auditorium, Through Feminist Eyes feat. Kaitlin Boyle, Assistant Professor of Sociology, "Labeling and Reporting Rape on College Campuses: Interactional, Institutional Barriers and Feminist Solutions"
  • Wednesday, Sept. 21st, 4-6PM @ Owens Banquet Hall, Welcome Reception for New Women Colleagues (register here)
  • Tuesday, Sept. 27th, Noon-1:30PM @ the Inn, AdvanceVT/Women's Center Leadership Luncheon featuring Dr. Menah Pratt-Clarke, vice provost for inclusion & vice president for strategic affairs (to register, visit the AdvanceVT website)
  • Thursday, Oct. 27th, Noon-1:30PM @ Owens Banquet Hall, VT Women Connect Networking Luncheon featuring Tracy Vosburgh, Senior Associate Vice President for University Relations (register here)