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Rebecca Jarvis

Rebecca Jarvis

Assistant Director for Advocacy Services
CARES Program for Survivors

Rebecca (she/her/hers) provides advocacy services to students, faculty, and staff who have been impacted by trauma, burnout, and power-based violence, including sexual harassment, exploitation, stalking, sexual/domestic violence, and adverse childhood experiences.   

Advocacy services are non-clinical interventions that provide both emotional and practical support and strategies for coping with the impact of trauma.

Clients can address issues managing personal relationships, school and/or work responsibilities, feelings of stress and numbness, and difficulties with decision-making. Rebecca works to provide a supportive space of non-judgment to cope with difficult experiences and can help identify structures of support for people feeling overwhelmed by what to do next.

In addition, Rebecca provides education about and accompaniment off campus for law enforcement court proceedings, and/or on-campus Title IX and conduct hearings with primary and secondary survivors. She holds embedded office hours with the Corps of Cadets and Virginia Tech Health and Sciences, Roanoke Campus.

Her areas of specialization include crisis response, complex trauma, burnout, vicarious trauma, international advocacy, grant writing, research, and military and veteran populations. Rebecca has worked with prison populations, domestic and international human trafficking survivors, and sexual and domestic violence survivors.

She received her B.S. in Environmental Informatics from Virginia Tech and her M.A. in Human Trafficking, Migration, and Organised Crime from St. Mary’s University in London. Her dissertation explored vicarious trauma, burnout, and compassion satisfaction for practitioners working with victims of human trafficking.

Rebecca holds certifications in Crisis Intervention, Emergency Advocacy, Sexual Exploitation Treatment and Training Services for Case Managers, Identification, Care and Support of Victims and Survivors of Modern-day Slavery, Meditation, and Mindfulness.

Contact Rebecca 

Office Hours:

Women's Center
206 Washington Street, Blacksburg

VT Health Sciences and Technology
Thursdays: 10am-7pm
205A in 1 Riverside Circle, Roanoke 

VT Corps of Cadets
Wednesdays: 1400-1900
132 Upper Quad North Hall, Blacksburg