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The Women’s Center recognizes the unprecedented challenges that are facing caregivers during the pandemic.   Faculty, staff and student caregivers are under incredible amounts of stress as we try to juggle our caregiving responsibilities with our work and school responsibilities.  The Women’s Center is keenly aware of the disproportionate impact caregiving has on women and wants to provide support to all caregivers.

We are working in collaboration with other VT offices to advocate for student, faculty and staff caregivers needs. Please reach out to us if we may be of support by contacting Christine Dennis Smith.

An opportunity for VT employees who are caregivers of children, teens, aging parents and/or family members to connect with one another around managing the demands of working and caregiving during these times of COVID-19 disruption.  These are intended to be open discussions to share current information and resources, as well as to support one another. Please direct questions to Christine Dennis Smith with the Women’s Center.

February 5th at 12PM

  • Overview of university caregiving survey
  • Resources to help you get through the semester

 Attend the session here.  

March 5th at 12PM

  • Coping with school transitions (in person, remote, hybrid)

 Attend the session here.  

April 9th at 12PM

  • What to do this summer?

 Attend the session here.  

February 19th at 12PM

  • Overview of university caregiving survey- Emphasis on caring for aging parent or adult family member
  • Resources to help you get through the semester

 Attend the session here.  

March 26th at 12PM

  • Health risks of isolation and apprehensions about re-integration.

 Attend the session here.  

An opportunity for working parents to come together to network, share resources and support one another. To sign up for the listserv or for more information, contact Christine Dennis Smith at

Public Health and Emergency Leave (PHEL) is a benefit activated by the Commonwealth of Virginia for state employees as a result of the impact of COVID-19 and when remote work options are not available. This benefit is available to Virginia Tech full- and part-time faculty and staff, and many wage employees who are impacted by the virus. 

For more information visit the VT Human Resources website.