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Virginia Tech supports the mission of The Virginia Network through VT Women Connect (VTWC). VTWC is an informal network that promotes, develops and supports Virginia Tech’s professional women by providing a forum to forge relationships, develop supportive networks, and share ideas and information. We engage with women who are in leadership and management roles, as well as those who aspire to these roles. Donna Cassell Ratcliffe, Director of Career and Professional Development, and Anna LoMascolo, Co-Director of the Women’s Center, serve as VT’s Institutional Representatives to the Virginia Network and catalysts for activities here on the Virginia Tech campus.

The goal of The Virginia Network is to promote women's leadership in higher education and throughout society as a whole; to create an educational, social, and political climate in which women, in all their diversity, can participate equally with men in setting public agendas; to facilitate connections among women in various sectors of higher education and with other organizations and networks with shared goals on the institutional, state, regional, professional, national, and international levels; and to foster strategic alliances and facilitate effective partnerships between women and men in the workplace.

Opportunities to Connect, Network and Participate

Due to the ongoing changes and curveballs most of us are managing this academic year with the continued disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, VT Women Connect will not be offering original programming until 2022-23.  That said, we want to support our community in connecting and networking through programs and events already happening at Virginia Tech and beyond.  Some upcoming opportunties:

VT Women Connect Directory

VT Women Connect is launching an exciting new opportunity for Virginia Tech women (employees) to network and connect around areas of expertise and mutual interest through the VT Women Connect Directory, developed in collaboration with members of the Business and Management Systems team.  You can log-in by entering your username in the form of hokies\pid.

How Do I Register to be Included in the Directory?

To register, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Email
  2. The site creates a profile for the user filling in First and Last Name, title, department, phone number and email.
  3. The site sends an email to the user with a link that allows them to finish their profile.
  4. Upon completing the profile, the user will check a box to publish.
  5. An email will route to an administrator for approval.
  6. The profile will be published.

How Do I Review Entries in the Directory?

Access the directory. You will need to log-in with your VT PID.

If you have questions about VT Women Connect, or want more information, please contact IRs Anna LoMascolo and Donna Cassell Ratcliffe.