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Committees and Councils

Sexual Violence Prevention Council

The Sexual Violence Prevention Council (SVPC) is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of campus and community representatives and provides a coordinated response and prevention framework to gender-based violence issues in the university. This is accomplished through collaborating across campus and in the community, enhancing the knowledge base, and serving as a resource to those affected by gender-based violence. Specifically, SVPC aids in the development and enhancement of the university response protocols on gender-based violence, assists in coordinating prevention and outreach initiatives, and provides collaborative opportunities between departments and community agencies.  The Women's Center no longer coordinates this council, but is glad to be a member and to be represented on the Coordinating Committee.  For further information, please contact Katie

Women's Month Advisory Committee

The Women’s Center organizes the annual Women’s Month celebration at Virginia Tech. Throughout the month of March, various events, most of which are free of cost, are open to the community. The Women's Month Advisory Committee is comprised of faculty, staff and students and oversees the planning and coordination of the Women's Month calendar. The Advisory Committee reviews event proposals and ensures that events on the calendar recognize, affirm and showcase the achievements, concerns and diversity of women at VT. The committee also selects the featured events for the Month and oversees all promotion efforts for Women's Month.

For more information on Women’s Month, contact Anna.