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Through Feminist Eyes

Through Feminist Eyes, in collaboration with the Women's and Gender Studies Program in the Department of Sociology, is intended to provide additional opportunities for undergraduate WGS students to engage feminist scholarship, specifically the breadth of feminist scholarship taking place at Virginia Tech. This program is offered in the Fall of each year.

Through Feminist Eyes Fall 2020:

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this year's Through Feminist Eyes series will be held virtually via Zoom.

November 10th at 7PM  

Underreporting Violent Sexual Crime in Hungary: Elements of Decision-making and Social Context
Dr. Katalin Parti  - Virginia Tech
Dr. Robin A. Robinson - University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Responding to research according to which Hungary stands out with one of the lowest reporting rates in cases of sexual violence in Europe, this project aims to investigate perspectives of rape reporting amongst those who work in Hungarian civil society—in non-governmental organizations, victim services, clinical practice, child and family welfare, higher education—, the police, and the criminal justice system—prosecutors and judges. We follow a generic overview of contributing factors for underreporting, historically, in other countries with an explication of unique circumstances in Hungary that might influence reporting decisions amongst victims of rape.  Interviews that we conducted in 2017 and 2018 (n=22) provide perspectives from a small but diverse sample. In manifest and latent content analyses, domains located in the narrative data reveal underreporting as a product of a complex criminal justice system that fails to prioritize victim needs–mental health care services and physical protection–but focuses on legal justice alone according to black letter law. Participants’ concerns are driven by a social context that favors traditional gender roles and attitudes, accepting gender-based violence as a norm as well as a political regime that prioritizes families on the one hand (Hungarian Constitution defines family as a husband, wife and children), and sacrifices women’s and victims’ rights as individuals on the other.