What is the Women's Leadership and Mentoring Program?

Sponsored by the Women's Center at Virginia Tech

     In collaboration with senior administrators and faculty at Virginia Tech, the Women’s Center is delighted to sponsor the 2016-17 VT Women’s Leadership and Mentoring Program (WLMP). Entering its 10th year, this program provides a cohort-based experience for post-masters professionals in a series of sessions on topics related to professional development.  The WLMP is specifically designed for women who are [aspiring] higher education administrators and wish to gain leadership knowledge and experience.

     Each session is taught by a senior administrator and the topics include management of personnel, budget, governance and institutional decision-making, supervision, performance planning and evaluation, team-building and collaboration, career development, mentoring and peer coaching, and other topics that the group may identify. Organized sessions may be supplemented by brown-bag opportunities to learn more about issues and topics identified by the group.

     In addition to the monthly seminars, participants will have the opportunity to engage in mentoring activities with women in administrative leadership at Virginia Tech.  The WLMP includes a talented and dedicated cadre of mentors who have committed to engaging with members of the WLMP cohort throughout the academic year.  This is a valuable opportunity for participants to connect with senior leaders, discuss goals and strategies, process seminar content, and gain from their experiences and insights.

     The cost for participation in the WLMP is $185.00, which covers the cost of all necessary materials for the seminar. Directors and Department Heads are encouraged to sponsor the nominee by using departmental funds to cover the costs.

When will the WLMP be offered next?

    The WLMP will undergo a thorough program review during 2017-18.  We will resume in 2018 and accept nominations for the 2018-19 cohort at that time. We encourage you to nominate post-masters professionals who are: aspiring higher education administrators; responsible for budget management and supervision; and can make a commitment to attending the monthly program seminars. Please limit nominations to one individual per department or, for larger departments, please prioritize your nominees.

     Self-nominations are welcome, provided that a letter of support from the nominee’s supervisor is attached.  The nomination letter should be no more than one-page in length and the total packet should include:

  • A brief outline of the nominee’s professional background;  
  • Articulation of how the nominee will benefit from participation in the WLMP;
  • Information on how many individuals the nominee supervises and their budget management responsibilities; and
  • A copy of the nominee’s job description.

* The WLMP is the recipient of the 2015 American Council on Education State Network Leadership Award for the Advancement of Women in Higher Education, which recognizes an outstanding and innovative program that helps advance or support women or women's issues in higher education.

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