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Women & Wellness

While your health and wellness routines may look a little different now, we encourage you to find ways to prioritize your mental and physical health to ensure you feel your best. There are a variety of programs and resources avaiable to you during this time. Try out a few different options to find out what works for you. Whether it is 5 minutes or 30 minutes, take some time each day to focus on you. 

Recreational Sports has a variety of options available to the Virginia Tech community to help you add movement to your schedule. 

Women on Weights is a small group training class specifically designed to teach anyone the essential foundation of strength training and proper lifting technique, provide knowledge for participants to create their own workouts, and help build confidence when exercising in the gym. Missed the sign-up deadline or can't find a time that works for you? Email to schedule a small group training session. 

Group Exercise opportunties are available in person as well as virtually. Check out all of the classes that are available and choose a pass option that works for you. 

Not  comfortbale working out inside? Try out their two week running program, head to the outdoor Fitness Park, or sign up for a Venture Out trip to help movivate you to get outside.

Head to to find out more about their current offerings. Regardless of what you choose, all that matters is that you move your body in ways that feel good for you!

Limited for time? Check out these stress relief tips we created with Hokie Wellness. Try out these 2 Minute5 Minute10 Minute, and 30 Minute stress relief activities. 

Hokie Wellness has a variety of resources to help you improve your coping skills in order to reduce your stress and better manage mental health symptoms. Find a workshop that best meets your needs as a student or as a faculty/staff member

Sleep is a critical factor in being able to manage your stress successfuly. Students can find more support and resources here. Employees make sure to check out all of Hokie Wellness's resources here, including how much you and your child should be sleeping. 

If you are struggling to properly fuel your body during this time, check out all of the nutrition resources available through Hokie Wellness like their Nutrition 101 Workshop or schedule an appointment to meet with a Dietitian in Schiffert. 

People with periods often experience shame, guilt, or even trauma associated with menstruation. These emotions can stem from societal messages that are taught to us, even before we begin menstruating. It is important to disrupt the messages around menstruating in order to normalize periods and the experiences menstruators have.  

Learn more about navigating the stigmas around menstruation.