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Women's Month 2022: 100 Years of Women at Virginia Tech logo
Three Women in profile in shades of maroon and orange with caption of 100 Years of Women at Virginia Tech

Thank you from the Women's Center

Thank you from the Women's Center
Thank you from the Women's Center

March is Women's History Month. This year, rather than looking at historical contributions made by women, we decided to focus on women who are currently making history in our local community. We kick off this month's profiles with none other than Nancy Howell Agee, president and CEO of Carilion. Our second feature is Cheri Hartman, program manager of the department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Office-based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) Program at Carilion Clinic. Our third feature for the month is Abby Hamilton, president and CEO of United Way of the Roanoke Valley. Our fourth and final feature for Women's History Month 2022 is Annette Lewis,  president and CEO of Total Action for Progress (TAP).  View story here.

In honor of Women’s History Month, the university celebrated “100 years of women at Virginia Tech.”  View story here.

One hundred years have passed since the first female undergraduates enrolled in Virginia Tech. To mark the occasion, the university is commemorating this anniversary throughout 2022. The College of Natural Resources and Environment is celebrating by sharing the stories of three women in the college — a student, a professor, and an alumna — who are finding their paths and leading the way for others in their fields.  View story here.

Pathways exist for women considering a new career in construction.  View story here.

History can be hard to find. Kira Dietz and Anna LoMascolo are on a mission to share the history and untold stories of women of Virginia Tech’s past. After thumbing through thousands of old campus photos, yellow-aged handwritten letters, class notes, and other rarities, the duo presents an interactive virtual timeline on the History of Women at Virginia Tech.  View story here.

In the hundred years since Virginia Tech admitted its first five female students, women have become a mighty force at what was once an all-male institution. Their biggest champions? Often other women. Here, the women behind four female-focused campus communities share how they stand up for faculty, staff, and students.  View story here.

In 1921, there were five. now, there are 12,711.  In a span of 100 years, the number of undergraduate female students at Virginia Tech has grown remarkably.  Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute, an all-male institution commonly called VPI, enrolled the first full-time female students a century ago. This set the stage for future throngs of women who would not only receive a Virginia Tech education, but shape the university and the world through their skills, talents, and sheer might.  View story here.

Telling the story of the history of women at VT.  View news story here.

March is Women's Month!

The March 2022 Women’s Month theme was The First 100 Years of Women at Virginia Tech. In 1921, Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute first admitted a small number of white women as full-time students. It would take another 45 years for women of all races to be part of VPI’s student body. On the eve of Virginia Tech's Sesquicentennial, Women’s Month 2022 recognized this milestone, reflected on the advancements all women have made over the past century, and imagined the next 100 years for women at VT.

The Women's Month 2022 logo, designed by Edmee Rodriguez Hasler, evokes the opening of a picture box containing images of women students across the decades at Virginia Tech. In their unique way, each and every woman featured in the graphic -- and the thousands and thousands of women students not found in photos on the top layer of the photo box -- has shaped Virginia Tech and left a legacy for future students at VT.  

Women’s Month recognizes, affirms, and showcases the achievements, concerns, and diversity of women. A feminist perspective — one that encourages and advances women of all races, political affiliations, national origins, religions, ages, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and income levels — underlies all our programming. The annual event occurs in March in conjunction with the National Women’s History Month. 

Women’s Month has historically represented Virginia Tech’s broad commitment to celebrating diverse and inclusive communities. To honor this ongoing commitment, the Women’s Month 2022 calendar will include programs and events aligned with the Virginia Tech Principles of Community.

March 2022 Calendar of Events

Women's Month 2022 calendar at-a-glance
Women's Month 2022 calendar at-a-glance

Upcoming Program


100th Anniversary of Women in Student Affairs Panel and Reception
4pm panel discussion in Commonwealth Ballroom B, Squires; 5pm reception in Perspective Gallery, Squires
Join us (virtual participation also available) as we celebrate Virginia Tech's Sesquicentennial and the 100th Anniversary of Women in Student Affairs and at the University. Our panel will feature prominent alumnae and trailblazers in Student Affairs, Dr. Sandra Sullivan ‘66 (Virginia Tech’s first female-identified Vice President for Student Affairs), Dr. Barbara Pendergrass ’87 (Virginia Tech’s first Black female-identified Dean of Students), and Denise Shuster Greenfield ’88 (Virginia Tech’s first female-identified Regimental Commander in the Corps of Cadets). Moderated by an I WILL (Inspiring Women in Lifelong Leadership) Institute student, panelists will reflect on how Student Affairs and Virginia Tech impacted their own lives and influenced their personal and professional paths. A reception will follow the panel discussion from 5:00-6:00pm in the Squires Perspective Gallery. Per university guidelines, masking is required indoors, regardless of vaccination status unless actively eating or drinking. Register here. Contact Emily White. Sponsored by Student Affairs Advancement

Don’t forget to get your 100th anniversary of women t-shirt while they are still in stock!

This Week in Women's Month 2022 Newsletters

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Read the full WoMo22 newsletter here.

Dooble by Steven White of the First Five Women Graduates at Virginia Tech.
Enjoy Steven White's Doodle of the First Five Women Graduates at Virginia Tech.