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Wellbeing Resources

We recognize that the health and wellbeing needs are unique and personal to each member of our community. We hope to provide resources and information on a variety of topics as they uniquely relate to your gender identity. 

This creative masterpiece provides ample inclusive information and prompts to consider regarding consent. If you have ever been confused around how to give consent and/or how to get consent, this is the resource for you. Learning Good Consent Zine also provides guidance around setting clear boundaries and how to set clear boundaries. 

Want to understand the physiology of how trauma impacts your nervous system? This 8 minute educational video provides great graphics for visual learners to gain more understanding around the various ways people respond to trauma and why.

Have you, or someone you know, experienced a trauma? Do you feel confused about your trauma responses? Do you want more information to better support someone you love who has experienced a traumatic event? If so, this 10 minute educational video provides a wealth of information on how our brain and body responds to trauma and why. 

People with periods often experience shame, guilt, or even trauma associated with menstruation. These emotions can stem from societal messages that are taught to us, even before we begin menstruating. It is important to disrupt the messages around menstruating in order to normalize periods and the experiences menstruators have.  

Learn more about navigating the stigmas around menstruation. 

Resources and information coming soon.