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Kemetic Movement Meditation

In February, our advocacy coordinator, Muriel Vinson, will offer two Kemetic Movement Meditation sessions at the Women's Center. Muriel recently shared details about this practice and who can benefit from participation in these workshops.

Kemetic Movement, an ancient practice of African lineage, is meditative, slow, and intentional and focused on the pace of one's breath. The practice is restful and restorative, releasing stress and tension. Participants can choose how they move through the session(s), with choice and individualized self-care as core principles.

Muriel is a certified practitioner, having studied with master instructor Yirser Ra Hotep, the senior-most instructor of Kemetic Yoga in the U.S.

Are you wondering if Kemetic Movement is a good fit for you? Do you find that you are struggling to slow down? Do you ever catch yourself holding your breath? Do you feel tension or pain? Have you ever wanted to try yoga, meditation or movement but had concerns about accessibility? If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider joining Muriel for Kemetic Meditation Movement at the Women's Center. Show up as you are. Your whole self is worthy and welcome.

The first session is coming up on February 8th, 2022. For more information and to register, visit GobblerConnect

These sessions will be held on February 8th & 16th at 5:30 pm in the lower level of the Women's Center. Check out more information here: Somatic Movement | Women’s Center at Virginia Tech | Virginia Tech ( You may contact Muriel Vinson, with any questions or accommodation requests.