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Women's Month 2024

March is Women's Month! Women’s Month recognizes, affirms, and showcases the achievements, concerns, and diversity of women. A feminist perspective — one that encourages and advances women of all races, political affiliations, national origins, religions, ages, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and income levels — underlies all our programming. Women's Month is a non-profit community project funded by Virginia Tech, area organizations, student groups, local business, and citizens' contributions. It is the combined effort of students, faculty, staff, and administrators at Virginia Tech as well as activists, residents, and civic leaders of the surrounding communities. The annual event occurs in March in conjunction with National Women’s History Month. The National Women's History Month theme for this year is Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Women’s Month has historically represented Virginia Tech’s broad commitment to celebrating diverse and inclusive communities. To honor this ongoing commitment, the Women’s Month 2024 calendar highlights programs and events aligned with the Virginia Tech Principles of Community. The WoMo24 calendar is filled with engaging programs, events, and initiatives that promote, advance, and celebrate women at Virginia Tech and beyond! You will find musical performances, artist talks, scholarly presentations, exhibitions, donation drives, rallies, workshops, networking opportunities, and much more. We are excited to see you out and about at Women's Month programs throughout the month of March.

Calling all music lovers! Send us your favorite uplifting songs and help us build our Women's Month 2024 Empowerment Music playlist for designated WoMo events throughout the month of March. We encourage you to submit songs with clean lyrics available. Submit your favorite songs at