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BIB Facilitator

Become a BIB workshop facilitator at VT

We are looking for folks who want to take the lead in creating a safer campus community and preventing gender-based violence!

If this is you, consider volunteering with our bystander intervention program. The first step is registering for a BIB facilitator Training. 

Check back here for updates on training opportunities for the 2021-22 school year. 

Facilitator Requirements 

Students, Faculty, and Staff (and community members if interested) who are registering for this training are required to commit to the following: 
    ·       Participate in all components of facilitator training  
    ·       Actively contribute to this program for at least 1 academic year after training 
    ·       Facilitate 1-2 workshops per semester while you are a part of the VT community 
    ·       Agree to facilitate the program in accordance with our license with Soteria Solutions, as well as in line with the guidance from the Asst. Dir. for Gender-Based Violence Prevention on best practices & campus curriculum adaptations 
    ·       Allow review of conduct or other records related to gender-based violence to verify that you have not been found responsible for GBV as a member of our community. 

Completion of this form is required as registration for participation in this program. Once you have submitted this form, please hold your calendar for the corresponding dates and times. You will receive confirmation as the event approaches. 

The program is coordinated by the Women's Center and is supported by the Office of Equity and Accessibility. Bringing In the Bystander is distributed by Soteria Solutions. 

We all have a role to play in creating a campus community free from gender-based violence. We cannot do this work without YOU.