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What is AWARE?

AWARE is a student-run organization facilitated through the Virginia Tech Women’s Center. The all-female team of mentors develops curriculum and facilitates educational programs for the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls at Blacksburg Middle School. Mentors lead weekly group discussions and activities on topics such as healthy relationships, body image, activism, and mental health each week. Mentors also coordinate an end-of-year field trip to Virginia Tech’s campus.

When does AWARE meet?

Mentors must attend a one hour planning meeting each week. The day and time of this meeting changes based on the availability of mentors each semester. Mentors must also volunteer at Blacksburg Middle School for at least one hour on Friday mornings.

Who Should Apply to be a Mentor?

Any Virginia Tech women who are rising freshman, sophomores, or juniors are welcome to apply. We expect mentors to commit to a minimum of a full academic year with AWARE. We encourage people from all backgrounds and majors to apply. We do understand that academics take priority and will work with the availability of the mentors but the mentees value consistency and familiarity so please consider AWARE to be a serious commitment.

Why Should You Apply?

All of us can remember how hard middle school was — imagine if you had an outlet each week to talk to people who not only survived what you are going through, but are thriving? We want to give the girls we work with a chance to have fun and grow. Research shows that consistent mentorship truly has positive impacts on many aspects of adolescents’ lives. Help be a part of this positive change!

How to Apply

The AWARE Program is currently recruiting for the 2024-2025 school year. Applications will close on March 13. We will be reviewing applications and holding interviews on a rolling basis so we recommend applying before the deadline.  Apply here.

Email Jessie Meltsner with any additional questions.