Volunteer Opportunities:  The Women’s Center is dedicated to programming that educates the campus community about women's and gender issues. Volunteers can assist with the planning, coordination, and implementation of many of our programs and events. If you are looking for a place to get involved and learn more about gender-related programming, please visit GobblerConnect to complete the Women's Center Information Form.


Internships & Field Study Placements:

Need a field study or internship? Interested in working with the Women’s Center to educate our campus community about relationship violence and healthy relationships? Applications are now open for the fall 2018 semester. Learn more and apply at https://tinyurl.com/WCInternAppF2018

Internship application process includes:
- Submission of Application Survey
     *Includes selection of an interview time via the link in the survey
- Submission of a Reference Form on your behalf
     *Submitted by someone who can speak to your capacities via the link at the end of the survey
- Completion of interview
     *Resume will be requested as a part of the interview

Internship Eligibility requirements:
- Completion of all elements of application process
- Current academic Good Standing
- Ability to hold Intern Training dates for Fall 2018 and attend intern training

Relevant Dates:
Fall Intern Applications Survey & Reference Deadline: March 22nd
Interviews: March 29th & April 2nd
Fall 2018 Intern Training Dates: August 24th or 25th
**Intern training is mandatory and will take place sometime in the afternoon/evening of August 24th or 25th. Intern applicants must be willing and able to hold time for a 6-hour training on these dates**

These internships are designed to meet the hours and work requirements of a 3 credit hour undergraduate internship. Most folks who complete our internships for credit are in Human Development, Sociology, Women and Gender Studies, Communication, or related fields. We have had folks complete for credit through other departments, including Psychology, Neuroscience, Leadership and Social Change, and more. We also do accept applications from folks not seeking credit, however, we ask that you plan to participate as if you were pursuing 3 credit hours in terms of time commitment, workload, etc. for the semester.  If you are hoping to complete more than 3 credit hours, or are a graduate or professional student looking for field placement, internship, or practicum opportunities, please contact me directly. Questions? katie2@vt.edu

Image of four Women's Center Interns posing with information presented in text above