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Women's Center at Virginia Tech

In the spring of 2019, the Women’s Center celebrated our 25th anniversary! Founded in 1994, we serve the students, faculty, and staff of Virginia Tech. Our mission for a quarter of a century has been to promote a Virginia Tech community that is safe, equitable, and supportive for women and that celebrates their experiences, achievements, and diversity.

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Women's Center

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As a unit of the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost,
the Women's Center functions in a number of areas.



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Events & Programs

Women's Month 2022: The First 100 Years of Women at Virginia Tech

In March 2022, the Women’s Month theme was The First 100 Years of Women at Virginia Tech. Women’s Month 2022 celebrated this milestone, reflected on the advancements women have made over the past century, and imagined the next 100 years for women at VT.  

Kids' Night Out
Thursday evenings
6:30-8:00 p.m.
VT Women's Center, 206 Washington Street

Kids' Night Out has ended for the semester.  We look forward to welcoming your kids back in the fall!  Kids' Night Out is an evening of FUN FREE CHILDCARE for kids age 2 (potty trained) to 10.  Childcare is provided by volunteers from the service sorority Chi Delta Alpha. There will be toys, games, activities, and sitters with lots of energy. KNO is held every Thursday during the semester from 6:30-8:00 p.m. 

KNO has ended for the semester

Join our sexual violence prevention peer education team!
What is SAVES? We are a group of passionate and dedicated students at Virginia Tech that strive to educate our community on topics such as sexual assault, stalking, gender-based violence, and (un)healthy relationships. See additional information and apply!

Hokie Collective

We are very excited to introduce the newly launched Hokie Collective opportunity for students!  

The Hokie Collective is an interdepartmental* program that provides ongoing opportunities for student education at the organization or individual level on topics related to actively caring for their community. These opportunities will help to increase one’s knowledge about the diverse experiences and perspectives of our Hokie community and build capacity to disrupt unjust systems and norms, build inclusive environments and communities, and lead effectively with care. The skills gained will help individuals be better able to identify concerns and provide support or step in when issues that impact one’s peers and community arise.   

Students can become an inaugural Hokie Collective Members in 2021 as an individual and/or as an organization by taking 2 of 10 amazing trainings offered this semester. Individuals can list membership on their resume to highlight their initiative to learn/support their community and organizations will be officially listed as Hokie Collective members through Student Engagement and Campus Life. Individuals and organizations will be able to join or renew their participation in 2021-2022 and each year after by engaging in 3 different trainings per academic year.  

You can read more about the program on the Hokie Collective Webpage

Did you know?

There are 24 dedicated lactation spaces on campus.